Vetreria Re deals with the design and production of glass surfaces for furniture which stand out for their sophisticated and innovative design and for the perfection of their finish and workmanship.


Present with its furniture solutions in Peking, New York, London, Vienna, Geneva, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Algiers and throughout Italy, Vetreria Re is able to support the customer at all stages of design, creation and installation of glass surfaces for furniture. Lightweight and bright, the items of furniture that make use of the elegant power of glass and crystal are able to bring light to any environment, making it immediately more welcoming and giving an impression of greater space.

Ideal, amongst other things, for creating tables, desks and coffee tables, tops for bathrooms and work surfaces for kitchens, shower cabinets, skylights, balustrades, railing, dividing walls and doors, furniture accessories and insulating doors, glass surfaces for furniture are a versatile element able to take on different characters depending upon the room in which they are inserted and the use to which they are destined.

Created with processing methods able to give the glass characteristics meaning that it can be defined as “safe”, glass surfaces for furniture do not constitute a threat to the safety of persons and things.