Shower cabinets


Vetreria Re operates in designing and creating glass shower cabinets in different shapes and sizes. Its production of doors for shower cabinets complies with criteria established for the utmost safety, with extreme practicality of use and minimal and refined aesthetics that integrate harmoniously with different types of environments. Capable also of producing made-to-measure shower cabinets, Vetreria Re is in any case able to integrate all its customers’ requests depending upon practical or aesthetic requirements in creating shower cabinets in safety glass.


Vetreria Re has specialised in processing glass since 1989, with a production that ranges from creating structural glass elements to the manufacture of items of furniture able to give personality and elegance to different rooms in commercial, residential and professional environments.


When deciding to install a shower cabinet or cubicle, it is essential carefully to choose the type of material to be used to build the structure and the doors of the cubicle itself. There are on the market, in fact, shower cabinets made from PVC or other plastic materials but those seeking higher quality, longer durability and greater safety of use should favour tempered glass.


When a shower cabinet is to be positioned inside particularly narrow bathrooms with irregular plans or where there are toilets, furniture or structural elements installed in such as ways as to make positioning a standard shower cabinet impossible, Vetreria Re is able to design, create and install made-to-measure glass shower cabinets. Increasingly widespread in modern bathrooms, the shower cabinet is characterised by high practicality, reduced bulk, great comfort of use and an elegant, contemporary design.

The shower cabinet is an element that is becoming increasingly popular in modern and traditional bathrooms thanks to its ability effectively to integrate sophisticated aesthetics with high convenience of use, in addition to its ease of cleaning, disinfection and maintenance, the safety of a structure made to last and completely safe even when smashed, and the high possibility of customisation. In particular, Vetreria Re offers to its select customers the possibility of producing made-to-measure, even curved, shower cabinets.

Vetreria Re deals with the design and creation of structural and architectural elements in glass to be inserted into domestic, commercial and professional environments. Operating since 1989 in the industry of creating artistic glass and in processing industrial glass, Vetreria Re oversees each project at all its stages, dealing with the production of laminated (or layered) glass and tempered safety glass for structural uses, useful for creating architectural elements such as staircases, railings and glass flooring, cabinets, windows, dividing walls, partitions and shower cabinets in glass, if necessary also made-to-measure.