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Vetreria Re was established in 1989 as a small family business but the vision was already then focused upon innovation, both in terms of the technology adopted and in creating products with revolutionary designs. Always attentive to the satisfaction levels of our customers and to the design and feasibility of the product, we also provide a maintenance service and after-sales support.


Our products have contents with a high craft and technology profile; this allows us to raise the quality level of our offering to the highest levels.

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We love what we do; we live and work enthusiastically, thus creating an energetic and positive working environment.

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We are constantly seeking excellent solutions; we learn from the world that surrounds us and we always look to the future.

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We are travelling a difficult road but we know we can do it: we believe in ourselves.

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VetreriaRe and once the design and production of quality products , at the same time taking care of maintenance and service for customers